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Once upon , 

I woke up to days with heavy heart

With a man in my bed , my partner 

But far away from heart 

Sharing the same roof 

But only quarrel and abuse 

Naive and young then 

All I thought ‘ this is life ‘ 

Untill I walked away 

To peace and positivity. 


I wake up to days smiling 

With a partner lying close 

Who is my heart and soul 

Who is a super dad to our kids –

Who cuddle in between 

A partner who ask me to ‘write’

A partner who ask me to ‘talk’

A partner who do what I like

A partner who push me to look the best

A partner who push me to excel 

A partner who motivates me to do best

A partner who assures ‘I’m with you ‘ 

A partner who is a ‘real partner ‘ . 
Life had shown its variety in my life too . Once young and naive I was in an abusive married life without knowing those were abuse . Now married to the right person , I can very well say – being with the right person is more important,than being with ‘someone ‘ at the so called ‘right age ‘ set by the society. 

While in school , I’d been a person who loved writing. Writing was my medium rather than talking . But life takes you in different routes , and I totally lost writing. My husband encouraged me to restart my blog which I had been using once ( the idea was in my mind , but I was in dilemma because I wondered if I would ever find time to write with two tiny kids ). So this blog , this article is for my husband !! 

Daily post prompt Partner


6 thoughts on “Partner 

  1. I’m not blaming those that are still in the situation you’ve passed through, and right now you are a winner. I only want to tell them that marriages should not be rushed into taking a rash decision. I rejoice with you having the best husband right now.


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