Complex moods 

Since last few days , none of the dailypost prompts looked appealing to me . I could hardly think anything about the prompts given . Nothing came up – no ideas or experiences or imaginations. May be the brain is in shut down mode ? Or the brain is over worked ? Or not in relaxed mode ? Well, I don’t know how to reason it out . But I read through many posts to get some inspiration, unfortunately it was not having any impact . There are few bloggers whom I follow and read almost everything they post . I love doing it and it used to make me feel relaxed . One of my bed time ritual was reading a few blogs . But last few days nothing was working- I was irritated right from morning, I couldn’t feel an inner peace whatsoever I did , I couldn’t write anything how much ever I tried . Still I am sailing in the same boat . While I am trying my ways to be at peace for sometime , no previously worked methods are successful right now . The state of being in a complex mood for unknown reasons are hard to deal with. May be writing this down will ease me a bit ? May be writing this will open some doors of sanity ? May be writing this will send some waves of calmness ? I’m trying it . Anything you would suggest ? 


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