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I sit in my home 

In my room 

With a fan and ac 

Either can be switched on 

But I complain – 

About the glaring sun 

And scorching heat . 


I sit in my car 

With AC and travel 

But I complain 

About the glaring sun 

And scorching heat . 


I see people 

Living in pavements 

Beneath the overbridges 

On roadsides too 

Everywhere in makeshift homes;

I wonder if they complain 

About the sun 

Or heat ? 

Or food? 

Or clothes? 


I have a roof over my head

I have food to fill my tummy

I have a wardrobe full of clothes 

I have shoes than I need 

But I complain? 

When I need to be thankful 

To the Almighty 

For these blessings in abundance . 

Have you been to India ? Or any third world country ? If you’ve travelled you can easily relate what I wrote. It is not an uncommon sight of people living in footpaths or beneath some overbridges or anywhere they can make some space and sleep . But yet , many of us who are abundantly blessed complain for trivial matters . Take a moment to count your blessings. Take your journal and pen down your blessings- you would be amazed to see how blessed you are !! 

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