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Inhabitants of earth

I see them marching 

Quietly , disciplined and in order

One after the other 

With no quarrel or qualms 

They are the ants 

Inhabitants in my house 

Leading their peaceful life.


I look at the crows 

Picking twigs to build their nest

Inviting others to share food 

Leading their life 

Peaceful and calm . 


I look at the cats and dogs 

Walking, eating and sleeping

Living their own lives 

Peaceful and calm . 


I look at men and women 

Some fighting for boundaries

Some closing the boundaries

Some building walls

Some declaring war over others

Some fleeing from warland 

Some dying while escaping 

Some living as refugees 

Hardly any peace , any calmness

Hardly a few decades here 

And still fighting !!
Daily post prompt <a href="Inhabit“>inhabit 


5 thoughts on “Inhabitants of earth

  1. Will Humans ever cease to fight war? Will they ever live in peace with one another? It’s so sad that Man who is supposed to have a higher sense of reasoning cannot co-exist peacefully with one another. Great poem with moral lessons. 🙂


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