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Being myself 

My head nodded a ‘yes’

When my mind blasted a ‘no’ ; 

My lips moved a ‘yes’

When my heart leapt for a ‘no’;

I smiled at people 

When I wanted to shout at them;

I attended the functions 

When all I wanted was some alone time;

End of the day –

I went to bed with a heavy heart

And woke up with unhappiness and negativity; 

Untill –

I realized 

Pleasing people made me sick 

My heart was critical 

My mind was frustrated


All this ‘coz I tried making all happy 

And I chose myself to be unhappy


I couldnt understand 

Why I did it ?

What I gained from it ? 

I wonder still –


I’m not a people pleaser today

I havent changed 

I am just being me . 
Daily post prompt <a href="Critical“>critical. 


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