Daily post · Poem

Co – traveller

He held my hands tight

Holding together we walked 

Many roads we travelled 

Our hands loosened as the roads progressed

Parting our ways somewhere 

I’m still a traveller 

And the journey of life continues. 


The little ones promised 

The toddler saying she would never leave me

The infant holding me tightly;

All I know is 

They’d find their ways 

As they grow old 

And I’d be a lone traveller 

In the journey of this life

Still the journey continues.


The days of lonliness 

Family and friends away ;

I wake up to days of confusion 

Perplexed to take a decision 

Crying my heart out –

An invisible hand holds me 

Guiding me in the journey 

Correcting me when needed

Pushing me as I trip over

Holding me when I slip 

Almighty – 

The only co traveller –

Till the end of journey . 
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