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Popular girl

She was a popular girl 

Tagged as a ‘good girl’

Caged in a ‘good girl’ 

Her opinions brushed away –

Saying she would accept their’s

Her suggestions were not asked

For she was the most ‘obedient’

Her likes were not counted

For she was ‘understanding’

Her dress or shoes

Life or career 

Were not hers ;

Others decided – 

She ‘nodded’ 

‘Coz she was a ‘good girl’

The ‘dangerous’ tag ever !! 
Many a times kids are given a tag of ‘good girl/boy’ and forever in their life they try to maintain it by only saying ‘yes’ even when their heart say a ‘No’ . They become the ultimate people pleaser , until the moment they realise they are not ‘living’ their life . 

Daily post prompt Popular


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