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Once upon , 

I woke up to days with heavy heart

With a man in my bed , my partner 

But far away from heart 

Sharing the same roof 

But only quarrel and abuse 

Naive and young then 

All I thought ‘ this is life ‘ 

Untill I walked away 

To peace and positivity. 


I wake up to days smiling 

With a partner lying close 

Who is my heart and soul 

Who is a super dad to our kids –

Who cuddle in between 

A partner who ask me to ‘write’

A partner who ask me to ‘talk’

A partner who do what I like

A partner who push me to look the best

A partner who push me to excel 

A partner who motivates me to do best

A partner who assures ‘I’m with you ‘ 

A partner who is a ‘real partner ‘ . 
Life had shown its variety in my life too . Once young and naive I was in an abusive married life without knowing those were abuse . Now married to the right person , I can very well say – being with the right person is more important,than being with ‘someone ‘ at the so called ‘right age ‘ set by the society. 

While in school , I’d been a person who loved writing. Writing was my medium rather than talking . But life takes you in different routes , and I totally lost writing. My husband encouraged me to restart my blog which I had been using once ( the idea was in my mind , but I was in dilemma because I wondered if I would ever find time to write with two tiny kids ). So this blog , this article is for my husband !! 

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Daily post · life experience · Poem

The battle

Gone are those days –

When we had battles for brushing

A toddler on one side

Parents on other .

We beg her first

We bribe her next

We try to threaten too

No budging yet !!

Untill her dad holds 

And mom brushes 

A daily routine –

Once upon a time !!

The little girl

Slightly over one then 

Is over three now 

And we fights less 

To brush . 
Every mother has a battle story . For me , if it was brushing battle then , it is bathing battle now . This takes various forms as days pass on . Even though it was a tedious task then , I laugh as I think about it now . 

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The ‘Tea’ story 

Over a cup of tea ☕️ 

We met for the first time 

Talking earnestly 

Eating a sandwich and cutlet 

At a small bakery ; 

But five years ago !! 


 Black tea lovers 

Having it any time 

Asking for it anytime 

At home or outside 

But one is just three years 

The ‘like dad like daughter ‘ duo !! 

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Lollipop 🍭 moments 

Those lollipop 🍭 moments-

When my girl licks it asks me to taste;

Those lollipop 🍭 moments-

When she asks again ‘why I don’t like it?’;

Those lollipop 🍭 moments-

When she cracks it and eat;

Those lollipop 🍭 moments-

When she asks me to try it for just once ;

Those lollipop 🍭 moments-

When we resolve a huge fight with a lollipop;

Those lollipop moments-

When she asks her papa to bring “small ones within a big one” ;

Those lollipop 🍭 moments-

When she asks her dad to buy it when he goes out ;

Those lollipop 🍭 moments-

When she demands for an orange or strawberry flavor;

Those lollipop 🍭 moments-

When I threaten to throw away those lollipops;

Those lollipop 🍭 moments-

Which is the ultimate problem solver !!

My little girl is an ardent lollipop lover !! Wherever her papa goes she demands getting a lollipop when he is coming back . She has some particular liking to ‘Chupa Chups’ where you get around 10 lollipops in a lollipop shaped container(Image below). How much ever we ask she just cracks the lollipop and munch on it . Lollipops are our savior at times though !! A single lollipop can solve multitude of problems ranging from tantrums to ‘unreasonable ‘ crying !!

This is dedicated to all lollipop lovers and mothers like me who don’t like lollipop !! 

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Bumble reminds me about the days when my first daughter,who is now three and half years was an infant. She hardly bumbled anything, she was more of a silent type without much fuss. She would cry when she sees no one around once up , she would cry the whole day after immunization, she would cry because of colic . But other than this , she was a less fuss baby . My second daughter , seven months bumble almost always . She hardly keep quiet .But she cried way too less after immunization. After a sleep she’ll wake up and play for sometime and starts babbling . She too is not much fuss ,but loves to be carried always. They both are entirely different – I couldn’t find yet a single similarity for both of them .

Let’s say it again – Each kid is different!!

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The little souls

A new toy made her scamper 

So does a new box of colour pencils

Without doubt a new book too 

Even an invitation to cook along made her scamper 

Smell of her favourite dish too 

Seeing her grandparents after a while also made her scamper 

Planning a trip somewhere also adds to the list 

Such are the innocent souls 

Finding joy and excitement 

In the tiniest of the tiny things

Expressing them wholly , 

With no pauses or breaks 

These little humans 

Makes the life – the blessed ,the merrier . 

 So are they powerful 

With the tantrums and wailings

Keeping us on tip toes 

These little souls!!! 
Do you have a kid at home ? The chance that you never saw them scamper are hardly nil . They scamper for any tiny things , so do they throw a tantrum for another tiny reason.They can make you feel blissful and worry full at the same time . Life with a toddler definitely elevates the patience levels . 

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All I could write about a snack is my daily worry what my toddler would demand for an evening snack . Though it mostly varies from a scrambled egg to home made french fries to saute bananas topped with bit of sugar ,it almost always happen that she asks for something which is not available at the moment. Unlike the most ‘normal’ toddlers,this little lady refuses milk or any diary products .Since force feeding is not in my agenda I accept any of her demands with the exception for junk foods .There was a time when I coaxed her in many ways to give milk, but all in vain . Except for that she pretty much likes most of the things with no special demands .

My family around me is a ‘snack family’ ,most of them like different varieties of chips – banana or potato or tapioca or jack fruit to  name a few . Or they would snack on some roasted peanut or ‘mixture’ . But I don’t fit in there too, I don’t like snacking when sitting and chatting or while travelling or while watching a movie . Wonder any one like me is there?? I do eat 1-2 biscuits for evening tea ,but not more. The only things I love to eat in between meals are some fruits or some dark chocolates . I’m so fond of those dark chocolates that I prefer them dark with above 70% cocoa ,the more the percentage -the merrier I am !! In our home we even make some home made snacks for evening tea – cutlets ,samosas,banana fritters ,swiss rolls to name a few. Among them banana fritters are the most widely made even without any occasion and all others are mostly made when there are guests or there is an occasion . So how about you – What type of snacks do you eat in your country ?Or are you like me – a not a snack person ?

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