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PrickleThey gasped for breath

Struggled in vain ;

They couldn’t talk –

Neither are they capable to ;

Moments passed

The limbs are still now ;

Parents weeped 

After all they were –

Preterm and term babies . 
Recently more than 60 children died due to oxygen shortage in a hospital in Uttar Pradesh ,India . The incident has shooked the humanity . I couldn’t think of anything better for the prompt prickle . 

Daily post · Poem


JiffyJiffyTo leave or to stay 

She thought for a moment 

And walked off –

From the abuser 

And his ‘apologies ‘.


He liked it 

She too was fond of it 

He took it in his hand 

Admired and looked again 

She was not there 

He looked again 

And left it covered in a moment;

He was just five 

And she seven 

That last piece of red velvet waited there.


She was with her friends 

Chatting and a coffee 

He walked to her

Poured his heart out 

All unplanned 

All in a moment 

Her coffee spilled

She was stunned 

But he slept peacefully. 
Dailypost prompt 

Daily post · Poem

De stress – Success 

OrganizeThe clutter , the mess 

The fuss in mind when I see this

The stress in brain to declutter 

The negativity in the messy room ;

I sit –

I declutter-

I organize !!

I feel fresh 

I feel de stressed

I feel positive . 


She walked to all classes

Addressing students at lengths 

Motivating them for a camp 

Answering the queries of all 

Her legs pained 

As she stood for hours 

As she climbed the stairs more 

As she walked more and more 

Still she moved 

Organising the camp

For  unprivileged kids in slums 

With privileged kids who knew nothing of slums

Her legs pained still 

‘Coz she had prostheses

But failure was not her word 

She moved till she succeeded.
Dailypost prompt 

Daily post · Poem


She checked her phone again 

And again 

And again

Till she saw “two ticks ”

Till she saw “blue ticks”

And slept relieved-

She knew she told her heart out

Whatsoever be his reply .


He paced up and down

In front of operation theatre

His heart skipping a beat –

Each time he saw the door opening ;

Untill the nurse told 

” Both mother and baby are fine”.


She checked her amazon orders

And saw ‘ out for delivery ”

She checked and rechecked 

Until she saw ” delivered ”

She smiled and looked at her phone

Knowing her mother will call

For she got what she longed .

Dailypost prompt Delivery

Daily post · Poem


I sit in my home 

In my room 

With a fan and ac 

Either can be switched on 

But I complain – 

About the glaring sun 

And scorching heat . 


I sit in my car 

With AC and travel 

But I complain 

About the glaring sun 

And scorching heat . 


I see people 

Living in pavements 

Beneath the overbridges 

On roadsides too 

Everywhere in makeshift homes;

I wonder if they complain 

About the sun 

Or heat ? 

Or food? 

Or clothes? 


I have a roof over my head

I have food to fill my tummy

I have a wardrobe full of clothes 

I have shoes than I need 

But I complain? 

When I need to be thankful 

To the Almighty 

For these blessings in abundance . 

Have you been to India ? Or any third world country ? If you’ve travelled you can easily relate what I wrote. It is not an uncommon sight of people living in footpaths or beneath some overbridges or anywhere they can make some space and sleep . But yet , many of us who are abundantly blessed complain for trivial matters . Take a moment to count your blessings. Take your journal and pen down your blessings- you would be amazed to see how blessed you are !! 

Dailypost prompt Glaring

Daily post · Poem

Spicy life 

They say it- 

Variety is the spice of life ;

The bitterness gives you strength 

And courage to live ahead;

The sweetness gives the ease 

After a downfall ;

The sourness add flavor to life ;

Life is like a gooseberry 

Sweetness definitely follows bitterness.

Dailypost prompt Spicy

Daily post · Poem


Drowning in despair 

A shimmer of hope – 

As a smile of infant

Entered my lives . 

The innocent smile 

Turned my 

Despair to hope

Negativities to optimism

Frustration to calmness

Irritation to serenity ;

All I did was 

Look at the baby 

To see her giggle . 

Daily post promptShimmer