Daily post · Poem

The marriage 

Some said “It’s not worth”

Some said “This is risky”

Some others “This won’t last”

Few others “You won’t be happy”

Hardly anyone supported her 

To be with the man of her choice-

‘Coz he was a man for people 

‘Coz he fed the poor and needy 

‘Coz he lived to serve unfortunate

Still she went ahead – 

Neither did they wear branded clothes

Nor they bought premium watches 

Neither did she fly to luxury vacations

Nor did they dine at star hotels 

But they made a family 

Built on trust and honesty

-On hope and peace 

A decade down 

Still a honeymoon couple . 


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Daily post · Poem

The maid and the dog 

The fateful day arrived –

Parents died , 

Siblings left with the assets 

Leaving her alone 

Mentally disabled ,physically weak 

She looked past the window –

As the cars moved away 

She knew they’d never visit her 

She knew she lost all of them ;

A touch on shoulder ,she turned

The maid , since her parents’ married

Who saw her birth and growth 

The most loyal of all .


Wife left him for someone 

Children found their ways and left 

The  dad – an old man today 

Whose life was wife 

Blood and sweat were kids 

Now all alone ,

But with a dog wagging tail

Running to him when he coughs

Lying near his cot as he sleeps 

The sole loyal bystander 

The most loyal to master . 


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Daily post · Poem


He climbed the ladder ,quicker than many

The ascend made him proud

‘Coz he’d put his sweat and blood,

His day and night –

All just to reach the top .

As he climbed farther and farther

Little he knew , he moved far and away

From his tiny kids and wife 

A winner in corporate company 

At the cost of family .


She was mocked for her accent 

Laughed at her poor language 

Ridiculed for making mistakes ,

But never these defer her 

As she stepped towards the success

Tumbling and falling many a times

The ascend was tougher than thought

Still she moved 

To achieve a doctoral degree in the subject

The nectar of pain .


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Daily post · Poem


She knew he was faking it

She knew he never loved her

She knew he wouldn’t change

Yet she lived with him

For the sake of ‘togetherness’

For the sake of ‘society’

Her heart bled each moment 

Yet she succumbed to it !!


She knew he was not her man 

She knew they wouldn’t harmonize

Unsynched visions and passions

They werent meant for each other – 

Yet she succumbed to the wedding

‘Coz her parents found it-

‘The best ever for our daughter’

Hardly a year –

They moved their ways out . 


Unanswered prayers 

Failed medical science 

Their life stood still –

Leaving a new dad and mom

In tears and worries

Never to forget till death 

The baby succumbed to death. 

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Daily post · life experience · Poem

Tame stories in my life 

I have a girl , a head strong girl 

With opinions and decisions ,

With likes and dislikes ,

With logics and illogics ,

Who talk on face , with no fear . 

People advise me – to tame her ,

To make her less vocal

To make her quiet 

‘Coz she is a girl , they say . 

Hey people 

‘Why can’t she talk ? 

Why can’t she express ?’

She is born to live ,every moment 

Not to die every passing second . 


Born with curly springy hair

Born when curls were looked down

Born with dusky skin tone

Born when ‘fair’ was only approved 

People said – 

Do this , do that 

Tame your hair to make it straight

Apply this /that on your face

To make it fair and beautiful . 

Hey people , 

‘Why can’t I be myself?

Why can’t I live as myself ?’


I hear they say 

‘Our son is the best 

He has no likes or dislikes 

He has no choice too

He has no opinions too

All he say is a ‘yes’

And we decide for him’

Others nod at the parents 

And say ‘how lucky you are !!’

Hey man

‘A man in thirties with no opinion? 

A man with no decisions ? 

Why do you live then ? 

A man or puppet ? 

Live a day before you die’.
These are all something which happened in my life . I’ve seen parents taking pride in saying their kids dont have any opinions or decisions . I’ve heard direct as well as indirect advices to make my kid such a puppet . Then and now , I wonder how could one live with no opinions/ ideas throughout his or her life . It is equal to killing yourself – a kind of suicidal living . 

Daily post prompt Tame

Daily post · Poem


She beleived him again –

Fourth time after a hit and slap 

A sorry made her believe him 

Until a day came 

When she realized – 

He never knew what ‘sorry’ meant . 


He was tired and weak 

Only bones and skin left 

No hair on body or head 

Third chemo it was 

But he trusted her –

Lying close to her chest 

As she said ‘All will be well soon’

A toddlers belief in his mother . 


She walked off the wedding hall 

Beautifully dressed 

The would be groom looked puzzled

The parents hung head in shame 

The man she loved smiled and held her hand 

A trust broken , a trust made strong . 

Daily post prompt believe.Believe

Daily post · life experience


Throughout my life , from wherever I can fetch my memories , I can say – I was never a fashionable person . I was more if a ‘comfort’ person . From school days to college to work days to this day , when I have an infant and pre schooler with me almost always – my easy choice to wear is whatever comfortable . ‘Coz that I hardly step out of this comfort zone , attending family functions like weddings/ receptions are a herculian task for me . The so called party wear dresses summed up with two tiny girls are not less than up hill task to manage . All I want when I wear them is , get off from it asap . Let it be clothes or shoes or hand bag or make or hair do – I’m the person who goes with the most easy /comfy/ simple ones . 

But , I’ve lots of admiration for people who dress up everyday or dress up incredibly beautiful for occassions . I admire their patience in doing all those . I admire people who walk effortless in high heels . I admire people who wear body hugging clothes easily . I admire people who dont tie up their hair in this hot humid climate and walk as if they are in an air conditioned room. In short , I admire those who do things which I can’t . 

That’s about me ; how about you ?
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