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Drowning in despair 

A shimmer of hope – 

As a smile of infant

Entered my lives . 

The innocent smile 

Turned my 

Despair to hope

Negativities to optimism

Frustration to calmness

Irritation to serenity ;

All I did was 

Look at the baby 

To see her giggle . 

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Once upon , 

I woke up to days with heavy heart

With a man in my bed , my partner 

But far away from heart 

Sharing the same roof 

But only quarrel and abuse 

Naive and young then 

All I thought ‘ this is life ‘ 

Untill I walked away 

To peace and positivity. 


I wake up to days smiling 

With a partner lying close 

Who is my heart and soul 

Who is a super dad to our kids –

Who cuddle in between 

A partner who ask me to ‘write’

A partner who ask me to ‘talk’

A partner who do what I like

A partner who push me to look the best

A partner who push me to excel 

A partner who motivates me to do best

A partner who assures ‘I’m with you ‘ 

A partner who is a ‘real partner ‘ . 
Life had shown its variety in my life too . Once young and naive I was in an abusive married life without knowing those were abuse . Now married to the right person , I can very well say – being with the right person is more important,than being with ‘someone ‘ at the so called ‘right age ‘ set by the society. 

While in school , I’d been a person who loved writing. Writing was my medium rather than talking . But life takes you in different routes , and I totally lost writing. My husband encouraged me to restart my blog which I had been using once ( the idea was in my mind , but I was in dilemma because I wondered if I would ever find time to write with two tiny kids ). So this blog , this article is for my husband !! 

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Daily post · Poem

Symphony of life 

I gaze at the ceilings and wonder – 

The hardest times of my life 

Tearing me to pieces

Crushing my soul to shatter 

Tampering my spirits to a low ;

Giving me foggy days 

With no visible hope in vicinity 

Wondering how’d I move on ? 

Moments , days , weeks passed

Giving the breath of hope 

Soul and spirits in a new high 

Bold and reckless about life ;

The synphony of life 

With high and low notes 

Meddling unexpectedly 

Yet , hope keeps me going .

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Daily post · life experience · Poem

The battle

Gone are those days –

When we had battles for brushing

A toddler on one side

Parents on other .

We beg her first

We bribe her next

We try to threaten too

No budging yet !!

Untill her dad holds 

And mom brushes 

A daily routine –

Once upon a time !!

The little girl

Slightly over one then 

Is over three now 

And we fights less 

To brush . 
Every mother has a battle story . For me , if it was brushing battle then , it is bathing battle now . This takes various forms as days pass on . Even though it was a tedious task then , I laugh as I think about it now . 

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They brought him up

With abundance of love and care

Gave him the best education

And he is big and smart now .
He is too big and too smart

That he dislikes those old souls

Whose blood and sweat is he


They are old now

To walk or talk like before

They forgets things

They forget the names

They forget the washrooms too;
They are in old age home

He thinks that is easy

He thinks that is better

He pays the money

He thinks they are taken care

He thinks money gives all comfort .
He never knew

Child’s love is superior

Everything else is substandard

He need to be a parent

To realize and accept the facts !!!!


Many a times we forget the hard times our parents had in raising us . Especially when we are in a busy high profile position people tend to forget their parents and it becomes easy to join their parents in an old age home. Kids feel that it is much easy to pay off the money than to make own parents stay with them . They realize what they did was wrong only when they themselves are parents. A prayer to our parents who brought us up so that we can read write and communicate.

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Lust and abuse 

She thought it was love

She trusted him

She lived on his terms

She left everything for him

Untill she realized-

It was just lust ;

She was broken –

Afterall she was a teen

And he was in thirties.


He played with him

He loved bikes and cars

He gifted him all

What was done to him broke him

He was being used and abused

He never knew it

Afterall he was just four

Paedophile was a family friend!!


She was in school

Smart and witty

Loved dance and books

Played in the ground

Untill one day

She was married off

To a man in fifties

She never knew the abuse

Even when she bled in bed

Afterall she was not even a teen .
A small compilation of what is happening around us.

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Shallow or Deep

If you are a believer-

Have you pondered upon

Your relationship with God?

Let your faith be any

Let your scriptures be any

Let your God be of any name ,

But how is your relation?

Deep or Shallow?

Or going up and down ?

Or trying to build one ?

Or amazingly wonderful?

Or strong and wild ?

Consistent or Inconsistent?

Happy or sad ?

Ever wondered how it is ?

I try every day

In a way or other

To keep my relation ‘live’

Aiming to be steadfast

Aiming to be strong

But I’m still in the journey

The long journey

Not knowing how far

Or how close the destiny ,

But I pray-

That I should be able to pray

Without fail .
This is a self reflective poem of my relationship with Almighty.

Another beautiful composition of similar genre can be found here .

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