Daily post · Poem

Happiness,love ,peace.

I felt lonely and depressed

Then I found a bottle-

A bottle of happiness

It asked me to write

To write and express

I started to write

My heart and soul felt happiness and calmness.
I felt hatred in air , I saw hatred in eyes of people

Then I found a bottle

A bottle of love

It asked me to smile

To smile at friends , foes and strangers

I started to smile

I started to see love all over .
I felt unrest and fear around me

Then I found a bottle

A bottle of peace

It asked me to hug people

I hugged my family,friends and strangers

Soon I saw happy faces all around .
I took my bottles –

Of happiness,love and peace

Shared it to my friend

And he to his friend

The chain spread on

Until the world was full of

Happiness ,love and peace.

How I wish we got some miracle bottles like that ? In response to daily post prompt bottle.Bottle

Daily post · life experience


Blossom – the name of my home , where I lived since my high school days .

In India , we have a house name ( I’m unaware if the practice exist in other countries too) along with the house number . This could be a family name or any name which the owners choose to give . So ‘Blossom’ was selected by me and with no objections accepted by all .

It was after many years (14 years to be precise) of living in Govt Quarters , we moved to our own home . While we were excited that we get our own bedrooms where we have individual table and chair to study , different bathrooms etc, these were shadowed by the fact that we were being transferred to some other school which means I’ll be missing all of my best friends .The Govt Quarters was close to the hospital where my mother worked and was a 1 BHK set up . The dining table doubled as dining and study table . While my parents occupied the bedroom me and my brother had our beds in the hall . So comparing to all these , our own home was a heaven !!

This home had seen many major life events- me and my brother graduated, my wedding,my kids were brought to my home after delivery, my parents retirement… If the walls could speak they woud say the number of times we were happy as well as sad . This home reminds me on the food we ate – the biryanis , mangoes from our front yard , sugar apple aka custard apple , tender coconuts etc . This home brings to me the fights I had with my brother , the arguments with my parents , my inane inefficiency to articulate my instincts to my parents and much more . I could write on and on about this. But no , and now I understand I don’t even have a single photograph of my own home .
In response to daily post prompt blossom .


Daily post · life experience · Poem

School days

Those days of fear and apprehension 

When teacher takes a test 

I’d wished that teacher takes leave; 

Those days of fun and play 

When all were excited 

Just to go for a picnic 

All day in the same bus ;

Those first days of all years 

Worrying if any friends changed schools 

Anxiety at the peak 

And excitement to meet friends ;

Those days of yearly exams 

When we all could speak was subjects 

When all were tensed about one chapter or other

When all would sit together for a last round revision ;

Those lunch breaks 

Sharing the lunch and special food

Bringing an extra lunch box to share biryani ;

Those tensed up moments 

When teacher asks questions 

And the prompts from friends;

Those long phone calls

To talk about the happenings in class ; 

Never knew I was creating memories 

To cherish life long .

The best days in my life – schooldays . In response to daily post prompt create.Create

Daily post · life experience


The very first fact that flashed my mind when I saw the prompt was the ‘paragon restaurant’. If you ever plan to visit the beautiful Gods own country aka Kerala,the beautiful coastal state in India -this is definitely a never miss restaurant.The restaurant famous for Appam (a type of Indian pancake made with rice,coconut and yeastvwith overnight fermentation)Biryani and variety of sea food . Me and my daughter are ardent Biryani lovers and we could easily finish off the plate . On the other hand , my husband tries almost everything on their menu. Long back , while I was still a student in college we used to go to this restaurant and many a times we had to wait behind the people having their food to have a seat – Such was the rush then (2002-2006) .Now when I write these , it really sounds embarrassing ( standing behind people while they are eating 🙄). After many years , after marriage when I was in Dubai we went to Paragon for lunch . On Fridays ,the restaurant opens after Juma and the kind of crowd waiting outside make one feel that none cooks food on holidays !! When I first visited the restaurant I was so happy and nostalgic and when the waiter came I happily placed an order for ‘half biriyani ‘(meaning half plate biriyani). He looked amused as if I spoke some alien language and said there is no half biriyani ,only full plate is available. I knew I couldn’t finish off then , but still ordered and finished almost three fourths . We had been there many times because most times the weekend lunch with friends and family happens there . Loving the fondest memories of Dubai through Paragon through daily post. 

Daily post · Poem


I fell down many a times –

The hardest being my first love- 

Who couldn’t reciprocate it

Who got confused in middle

Who just walked away 

Who never gave a reply 

My soul got punctured and torn !!

I flew up from the ashes 

With most courage and spirit 

With hope and bravery 

To unfold the best days 

To be with my true love 

To live every moment 

To cherish every day. 
Many people get betrayed by their most trusted ones in their lives . Even though the situation might be tough and hard , with age and maturity we understand that whatever happens life has to move on . We will learn to accept the facts and embrace life more positively. In response to daily post prompt puncture .Puncture

Daily post · Poem

Old age

I’m woken up by the caretaker 

For a cup of tea and porridge 

Followed by some medicines 

I wonder since how long I’m here,

Or how long I’d stay here ? 

Trying to think –

Memory tapers , 

It doesn’t go afar .

I think about my kids

I yearn for their touch 

Waiting for them to come ,

May be they are busy ? 

I think about my grandkids 

Smiling at their thoughts 

May be they are busy too? 

I think about them every day ,every time

May be they’d be thinking about me too.

I looked out , 

Its all a blur 

Someone spoke ,

I couldn’t make out though !!

Caretakers ,nurses and doctor

And many like me around

I see only them 

They are my family now 

Will my kids come ?

One day ,they shall 

I say to myself –

It keeps me living 

All these days and more .

Many a times I wonder, how would my old age be . Will my kids be around ? Or I would end up in some old age homes ? How would be the life there . Will I be happy ? I dont know, neither do I know if I’ll live till there . In response to daily post prompt taper. Taper

Daily post

Pencil Colouring 

When I read the prompt word ‘volume’ , my little daughter was busy doing colouring. One of her favorite job anyday anytime is to colour pictures – as per her rules .I could only relate the word instantly to the ‘volumes ‘of pictures she coloured these days . She is only three and half . A few of her pencil colourings are below In response to daily post prompt ‘volume’. Volume